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Business Card Composer

Business Card Composer

Business Card Composer is a Mac OS X tool for designing and printing business cards, calling cards and badges. Thanks to prepared designs and image collections, making cards is easy and fast. This application allows you to print cards on paper stock from major vendors as well as on custom paper, and has powerful capabilities for working with text and images.


  • Get the most of your business with new and amazing business cards!

    No matter your profession or interests may be, you communicate with people on a daily basis. Do they come back to you after the first meeting? Did you notice that business cards have the ability to bring back the memories about the people you met and how that happened?

    We deliver you Business Card Composer — the complete solution for creating and printing excellent business cards, calling cards and badges.

    When Business Card Composer helps you: 

  • For a trade show you can create custom business cards to reflect special events and promotions, or simply indicate your booth number.
  • Your phone or e-mail has changed, and you can't wait until your company makes new cards for you.
  • You need to create small runs of cards for temporary staff.
  • You have several jobs and want to have separate cards for each.
  • You want to create a nice card with your contact information to give to the people you meet day to day.

  • If you also want to create and print either flyers, catalogs, CD/DVD art, address or shipping labels, Business Card Composer is also available in Printfolio suite.

  • Business Card Composer Features

    Create Business Cards with Ease

    Making business cards with Business Card Composer consists of just a few effortless steps. The Assistant lets you quickly choose from over 740 ready-made designs and select your paper layout before diving into editing your card. The program supports many various business card types such as folded, double-sided, vertical, horizontal and CD-R business cards.

    Vast Font and Image Collection

    Business Card Composer comes bundled with 1,000 clipart images (40,000+ clipart images with Extras Pack) to supply you with all you need to create a design that is sure to make people notice your business card. In addition, you can add images in a variety of formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, EPS and more. You can also search for images in Google right from the program interface. Integration with iPhoto allows you to import images straight from your photo libraries. Add a stroke of personality to your card with the 100 additional fonts (Extras Pack only).

    Import Contact Data

    Importing contact data for your business cards is a breeze thanks to integration with Address Book. Information fields are filled out automatically by choosing a contact right from inside the program interface. You can also import data from text files which can help with creating place cards or name badges for large events. The Merge Image functionality lets you import and auto-replace images from Address Book, iPhoto, Aperture, and Finder for printing multiple business cards or badges with portraits.

    Powerful Image and Photo Editing Capabilities

    You want your business cards to be noticed, and appealing images can help you do just that. Business Card Composer contains an intuitive and powerful image and photo editor powered by Image Tricks. Apply over 60 Core Image effects and filters to your pictures to make your business cards stand out. You can also choose from over 100 unique image masks or use your own image as a mask.

    Design Tools

    Create professional designs for your business cards using the design tools included in Business Card Composer. The Foreground and Background layers help you keep your design canvas uncluttered, making it easier to work with objects. In addition to tinting, tiling, rotation and controlling the opacity of objects, you can add shadows, radial and linear gradient fills, color or image fills, and more. The guidelines and snapping options will help to make sure that your objects are aligned correctly.

    Striking 3D Text and Graphics

    Integration with Art Text allows you to open and run Art Text to create striking graphics for your business cards. This feature is handy for creating logos for future businesses or other unique graphics for your business card design. Learn more about the Art Text Bonus App.

    Google Maps Integration and Barcodes

    Business Card Composer lets you get more info through to your customers. You can include driving directions in the form of a Google Maps image to ensure that your clients never take a wrong turn. You can also include any other information in the form of a 2D barcode. This can be your extended contact information, a small price list, or anything else that your customers may find useful. The program supports Data Matrix, QR, and Code 128 barcodes and includes an application that allows you to read such barcodes using a camera, like the iSight.

    Three Printing Methods

    With this program, you have three unique printing methods for various situations. You can print one design for one person which is great for printing large batches of one business card. Printing multiple designs allows you to print multiple design alternatives. In addition, you have the option of printing cards of the same design for different people, which is handy when creating name badges or corporate business cards.

    Using the Result

    Business Card Composers supports hundreds and hundreds of business card papers for ink jet and laser printers from Avery, APLI, Decadry, Sigel A-One and many other popular manufacturers. If your paper isn't supported, quickly and effortlessly create custom layouts. Export your cards to PDF, TIFF, EPS and JPEG formats for the printshop or sending your card electronically. Printing double-sided cards is a snap thanks to duplex printer support.

  • All Features of Business Card Composer


    • More than 1,000+ clipart images (40,000+ clipart images with Extras Pack).
    • More than 740 ready-made designs, organized in categories.
    • More than 100 unique image masks.
    • Apply Mac OS X Core Image filters to your images.

    Design Business Cards

    • Create regular, folded and CD-R cards.
    • Horizontal and vertical layouts supported.
    • Full support for double-sided cards. Both sides are saved in the same document, allowing you to switch between sides on a fly and print them with ease.
    • Smart guides help to arrange design elements neatly.
    • Option to manually set object position and size.
    • Adjust vertical spacing or distribute objects vertically and horizontally.
    • Horizontal and vertical object alignment.
    • Make use of adjustable shadows with color settings.
    • 3 alignment modes, including text alignment within text boxes.
    • The application supports object editing on Background and Foreground layers, which helps to create advanced card designs.
    • Special text labels for marking phone number, e-mail, etc.
    • Google maps integration lets you import map image onto the card.
    • Generate Code 128 barcode, as well as 2-dimensional barcodes, Data Matrix and QR (Quick Response).
    • Integration with Apple iPhoto and Aperture lets preview and use pictures from the iPhoto libraries.
    • 100 additional fonts (Extras Pack only).

    Working with Graphics

    • Tint images with colors, tile and rotate them, as well as change their transparency.
    • Fill different objects with Linear or Radial gradients.
    • Insert images in many supported formats — TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, EPS and more.
    • 7,000 photo objects with transparent background can be applied to any picture to create mixed designs.
    • Search images by keywords.
    • Image cropping allows you to crop images directly in Composer.
    • A custom image can be used as a mask in addition to the predesigned masks.
    • Select multiple objects with the ability to resize and rotate them as a single item.
    • Converting a text object into an image allows you to apply image effects to it.
    • Adjustable export to EPS.
    • Art Text integration helps to create high quality textual graphics, headings, logos, icons and buttons.


    • Universal Binary version that allows to run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers.
    • Integration with Apple Address Book — drag and drop contacts right onto your cards.
    • Integration with iPhoto lets preview and use pictures from the iPhoto libraries.
    • Search images in Google right from Business Card Composer.
    • Images from a custom folder can be used along with the built-in clipart.
    • Generate fancy random backgrounds with a click of the button.
    • Order your cards to be printed and mailed to you from an online print shop.
    • The counter feature allows you to numerate cards and assign each card a unique number.
    • Text File Data support allows to read data from text files. This can be helpful when creating badges for a conference, etc.
    • Merge Image functionality allows to import and auto-replace images from Address Book, iPhoto and Finder. This can be used for creating badges and printing iPhoto thumbnails.
    • Spotlight support allows the system to search a text within Business Card Composer documents.
    • Quick Look technology support allows you to view the content of a file without even opening it.


    • 3-step Assistant to get started quickly.
    • About 700 supported business card paper for ink jet and laser printers, from Avery, APLI, Decadry, Sigel, A-One and other manufacturers.
    • Use custom layouts for unsupported card stock, greeting cards, badges and other kinds of labels.
    • Customizable export to PDF and TIFF allows to save your design in a format appropriate for sending to a professional print shop.
    • Use export to JPEG format for sending business cards via e-mail.
    • Address set-up option in Preferences allows you to set specific address fields order for different countries.
    • “Set address field in a line” allows to modify two-lined address from Address Book into one line automatically.
    • Ruler and measurement units save you time on editing data.

    Print Cards

    • Printer calibration allows to fine-tune the printer for accurate results.
    • Cut marks can be printed — helpful for printing on non-perforated paper.
    • Control the number of cards you want to print and the position on the sheet from where to start printing.
    • Duplex printers support for printing double-sided cards.
    • New printing technology allows for choosing among 3 printing methods. You can either print cards for yourself, or print one design for several people, or print multiple designs on one sheet.
    • In the printing process, the preview window with the additional settings displays your modifications on the fly.
    • The Text to Curve feature (using export options) lets you transform the document into vector image. This will help to avoid problems with font absence when you send a document to a printshop.
    • The program allows to print plastic cards and ID badges thanks to Evolis printers support.
  • Business Card Composer Video Tutorials

    These movies about Business Card Composer will show you how easy it is to use the program. You will not be able to resist trying it yourself.

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