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如閣下對我們公司的產品有任何疑問或要求報價,歡迎電郵或致電查詢,我們會盡快作出跟進及回覆。 TEL : 2540 5502 Welcome to contact us for any enquiry, through this form, email ( or call us at 25405502. We will be replying as soon as possible! Thank you!

Card Printing and Design

We can make your membership card as good as a photo quality!! Providing your own design or we can provide professional idea on your membership card project. In order to make your membership card more eye-catching, you can choose to put some special effect on it such as embossed texts with gold color, QR code or signature stripe etc.

The Ideal solutionsalt

Besides of the basic design, you can print the member's personal information by using the Evolis Card Printer. Although Evolis card printers can handle edge to edge full color printing, however if you have a high expectation to your membership cards quality, Pre-printed cards plus a Evolis Card Printer is the perfect solution for you.

Special Effects

We can add special effects on your single or double side printed card on your request.

Matte surface
Glossy surface
Embossed text
Gold / Silver foil stamped
1D /2D barcode
Serial number
3D hologram
Signature stripe

Cards Type

altThere are various types of card are available for your membership card printing. Besides of using the normal PVC card, you can also choose Magnetic stripe card, smart card or RFID card etc.
Some users would choose to print on a self-adhesive card in order to recycle the high cost card such as RFID card. Please contact us if you would like to see some samples or place your order. 


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